ShirtThe Dogpatch Capital neighborhood t-shirt

    Handed out to locals by long-time resident Adam Gould during the 2015 Dogpatch/Bayview Sunday Streets event for the purpose of increasing awareness of recently established Dogpatch Capital.

    The design is the umpteenth iteration of a classic “John& Paul& George& Ringo.” design developed by the Dutch firm Experimental Jet Set. More on the history of the design link 

    The design lists five of the six longitudinal streets in Dogpatch.  The sixth street, Iowa, is situated under Interstate 280, the western border of the neighborhood. It was excluded because it is uninhabited.

    The shirts have a Dogpatch Capital logo tastefully placed on the back neck.  The shirts are silk screened by the professionals at (I couldn’t be happier with their work).logo

    If you can prove to be a resident (driver’s license) or business owner in Dogpatch just stop by the office or stop Adam in the street and he will hook you up. If you prefer, you can purchase via PayPal for ten bucks.

    Size (sorry no color option)