Why Dogpatch

We named our firm after the San Francisco neighborhood we live and work in – Dogpatch, the flat lands east of Potrero Hill.  Like San Francisco, Dogpatch has a rich and colorful history, one tied to the once-thriving industrial economy of the city’s Central Waterfront. Created by hard-working families who often built their own homes, Dogpatch retains strong camaraderie among its residents and pride in community today. It continues to evolve and reinvent itself.  Riding another wave of renewal, the neighborhood has become a sought-after location for many young professionals working in the City and on the peninsula.

The qualities of hard work, prosperity, innovation and future promise that characterize Dogpatch also apply to Dogpatch Capital.  As with any strong community, we have a partnership with each and every client that is built on trust and integrity. You have worked hard to accumulate the assets you bring to us to manage. We bring the knowledge, experience and ongoing research and analysis in financial markets. Together, the future is bright.

Businesses in Dogpatch We Love

Copyworld 2001 3rd Street Yelp
Dogpatch Cafe 2295 3rd Street dogpatchcafe.com
Dogpatch Saloon 2496 3rd Street dogpatchsaloon.com
Dogpatch WineWorks 2455 3rd Street dogpatchwineworks.com
Fork and Spoon Catering 2161 3rd Street forkandspoonproductions.com
Gilberth’s Rotisserie & Grill 2427 3rd Street gilberths.com
Hard Knox Cafe 2526 3rd Street hardknoxcafe.com
Jolt N Bolt Café 2325 3rd Street Yelp
Just For You Cafe 732 22nd Street justforyoucafe.com
La Fromagerie Cheese Shop 2425 3rd Street lafromageriesf.com
The Lab 801 22nd Street thelabcafesf.com
Left Coast Catering 2152 3rd Street leftcoastcatering.com
Magnolia Brewing Company 665 22nd Street magnoliapub.com/dogpatch.html
Modern Nail Bar 803 22nd Street Yelp
Moshi Moshi 2092 3rd Street moshimoshisf.com
Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous Ice Cream 699 22nd Street Yelp
Museum of Craft and Design 2569 3rd Street sfmcd.org
New Spot Mexican Restaurant 632 20th Street Yelp
Olivier’s Butchery 1074 Illinois Street oliviersbutchery.com
Piccino 1001 Minnesota Street piccinocafe.com
Poquito 2368 3rd Street poquitosf.com
The Ramp 855 Terry Francois Street theramprestaurant.com
Reno’s Liquor Store 728 22nd Street Yelp
Rickshaw Bagworks 904 22nd Street rickshawbags.com
Serpentine Restaurant 2495 3rd Street www.serpentinesf.com
Sutton Cellars 601 22nd Street suttoncellars.com
Third Street Boxing 2576 3rd Street www.thirdstreetgym.com
Triple Voodoo Brewery & Tap Room 2245 3rd Street triplevoodoo.com
The Workshop Residence 833 22nd Street workshopresidence.com
Yield Wine Bar 2490 3rd Street www.yieldandpause.com